Don't be
Be more
I used to be a cat

I used to see the world differently.
But look at me now

The world is amazing

Dogs are right to be excited. There are so many things to explore,
experience and play with.
So why does everyone seem so bored?

Do you know
someone who could
be more dog?

Send them a dog bomb and give them
a nudge to the dog side of life.

Create a dog bomb Cat holding a stick
Be more dog

Be open to amazing new technology and what it can do.
The more you try, the more amazing things you’ll experience.
You never know, you might just like it.

Take a walk
on the dog side of life

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Carpe diem

Turn this device into
a remote control to play
frisbee with me on
your desktop.

First you need a code.
at your desktop…
then press the play
button below

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